Privacy Policy

UNIVERGY K.K is committed to protecting customer privacy information. This document will provide information about UNIVERGY’s policy relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information and of our customer’s right to limit such collection, use or disclosure. All personal information relating to our customer is maintained in strict confidence by UNIVERGY and is not sold to third parties.

1. Collection of Information

UNIVERGY will collect personal information (name, address, phone number) for a variety of purposes related to your request for services from UNIVERGY.

2. Use of Information

UNIVERGY will maintain the information carefully, and we will not disclose any personal information to third parties without any permissions. However, we may outsource certain account processing, or other customer service functions to a third party.

3. Purpose of Use Information

UNIVERGY K.K will collect and use personal information for the following purposes.

  • (1) In order to provide this service
  • (2) In order to answer the questions from the customers
  • (3) In order to send the bill to the customers
  • (4) In order to improve, provide new services, and place advertisements
  • (5) In order to create statistical data such as customer usage patterns
  • (6) The execution, modification, and cancelling of the Wheeling Contract and the electricity supply adjustment agreement (hereafter referred to as the wheeling agreement).
  • (7) Retail supply contracts and power supply contracts cancellation
  • (8) Confirming information related to supply points
  • (9) Actions performed by the utilities in accordance with their wheeling agreements including: Electricity amount meter reading; equipment maintenance, inspection, exchange; meter inspection related to electricity outage or disaster.
  • (10) In order to perform any and all businesses incidental to each of the foregoing.
4. Use Covered Information
  • 1. Basic Information: Name, Address, Phone Number, Retail Supply Contract Number.
  • 2. Supply Points Related Information: Customer’s signed wheeling agreement utility’s service area, Site ID, Amount of wheeling agreement, Meter Amperage, Transmission Connection Service Menu, Power Factor, Supply Method, Wheeling Agreement Decisions Method, Meter Information, Utility pole number, Grid connection equipment status, Date of switching, Meter read day, Contract State, Cancellation method.
5. Joint Use Participants

UNIVERGY K.K may share private information of customers with the following parties.

  • (1) REU
  • (2) Utility Companies
  • (3) OCCTO
6. Joint Used Administration Parties
  • (1) Basic Information: Contracted Retail Provider
  • (2) Supply Points Related Information: Utilities that administering the supply points.
7. Compliance and Review of Laws and Standards

In compliance with laws related to personal data possession and other standards, UNIVERGY will review as necessary, and make efforts to improve this policy.