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We offer variable rate tariff electricity services to the residential.
Since electricity bill is paid by monthly, [cheapness] and [transparency] are important.
U - DENKI is proving reasonable and transparent tariff.

Why Join U-DENKI

Point1 No Basic Charge

We have eliminated the basic charge for our customer in order to save electricity bill.

Point2 We Offer Electricity Plan
Without Any Markup on
Electricity and Transmission

Since U-DENKI has adopted Dynamic Pricing System, we are able to provide electricity plan without any markup on electricity and transmission.

Our Electricity Plan

Compared with Others

  • Energy Amount Rate

    Cost of Electricity + Cost of Transmission
    +Transaction Fees

  • Renewable Energy
    Promotion Surcharge

  • Basic

Price System

  • Cost of Electricity

  • Cost of Transmission

    Cost of Transmission

  • Transaction Fees

    Transaction Fees

  • Renewable Energy Power Promotion

Our Plan


Take Advantage of Electricity In Terms of
Fluctuations of Market Price


  • Households that rarely use electricity during the day

    Since the market price of electricity is cheaper at night than daytime, households that do not use much electricity during the day can reduce their electricity bills more.

  • Households that have heat storage equipment

    Households using night heat storage equipment such as EcoCute can reduce their electricity bills by boiling water at midnight when electricity is cheap and using it during the day.

  • Households that already
    have storage battery

    Households with storage batteries can store electricity at midnight when electricity is cheap and use it during the day to reduce electricity bills.

The price of electricity from midnight to early morning is a Great Deal!

The Fluctuation of Market Price

The Fluctuation of Market Price

RE 100 Plan

plus 100% renewable electricity


  • Leaving a good
    environment to children

    CO2 emissions can be reduced by switching the electricity that used daily. Let’s start with U-DENKI for the future of children.

  • Increasing renewable

    We will charge 3 yen/kWh from the monthly electricity bill as renewable procurement cost. U-DENKI is contributed to creating a peace environment by promoting renewable energy.

About Us

100% Renewable Electricity

RE100 plan provides clean energy generated from water, wind, and sun. Let’s start with U-DENKI to improve the future of children and the global environment.

No Basic Charge

U-DENKI has eliminated the basic charge. If the household does not use electricity at all, such as an empty house or villa, nothing will be charged. Since it is an electricity bill that is paid monthly, it is important to be reasonable and transparent.

Multi-Language Customer Support

We provide multi-language communication in order to support our diverse customer base. From online enrollment to customer support, billing statements and all customer communications, customers can choose their preferred language.

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