Frequently Asked Questions

About the Liberalization of Electricity

What is the liberalization of electricity?
Previously, the 10 regional utilities, including Tokyo Electric Power Co. and Kansai Electric Power Co., were the sole Power Producers and Suppliers for their areas, but since April 2016, customers now can choose their Power Producers and Suppliers.
What is High Voltage and Low Voltage?
High voltage is an electric power service for large-scale corporations, such as office buildings, department stores, and factories. Low voltage is an electric power service for customers such as households and shops. There are two types of low voltage, power and electric lights.
Does it increase the possibility of blackout by switching to U-DENKI?
The probability of balckout does not increase. Electricity will be delivered by transmission and distribution companies (such as TEPCO)like in the past, so the reliability and quality of electricity supply remains unchanged.

Before Switching

Where is the subject area?
Nationwide excluding the areas of Okinawa Electric Power Company.
I don’t have a meter read slip yet, but can I switch?
If you normally receive a meter read slip and it is not in your possession, please contact your electric power company. Customer number, supply point identification number are required for switching, and it can be obtained by telephone, e-mail or mail (excluding some electric power companies). If you are using an electric power company that does not issue a meter read slip, please check “Customer Number" and “Supply Point Identification Number" from the website of the electric power company.
Is it possible to switch from other new electric power companies?
Yes, you can. Please confirm “Customer Number" and “Supply Point Identification Number” from current supplier in order to switch.
Can I apply without a smart meter?
Currently, electric power companies are installing smart meters, and if it is not installed, it will be installed at the time of switching.
Is installation work necessary for switching?
If a smart meter has been installed, installation work is not necessary. If you have not yet replaced to a smart meter, the general power distributor (TEPCO, etc.) in your area will install it at the timing of switching.
Can I apply it for anything other than "metered light B" and
"metered light C"?
You can apply if the power type is an electric light, but the tariff may be higher if you switch to us depend on the plan. Please apply after confirmation. Please aware that our simulation is compared with the metered light plan.
When will it start supplying?
The electricity will be supplied from the day of the next meter reading.
Do you have a contract period? Also, if I cancel the contract during
the contract period, is there any cancellation fee?
The contract term is one-year from the date of supply with automatic renewal. At the time of cancellation, a fee of 2,000 yen (tax excluded) will be charged as a cancellation fee. However, if the cancellation is made within two months from the date of renewal, no cancellation fee will be charged.
I live in a rental apartment; can I still apply U-DENKI?
Even if you live in a rental apartment, you can apply as long as you have a separate contract with the utility company. If a lump-sum contract is concluded for each condominium, you cannot apply for it individually. If a meter read slip has been sent to your home, the contract is concluded individually for each room. For more information, please contact your current utility company or condominium management association.
At the time of switching, is it necessary to contact current supplier?
No procedures are required for customer.

About Service

What is tariff system?
We have adopted dynamic pricing system. The tariff is the sum of ① to ④ below.
  1. ① Electricity consumption per 30 minutes x spot price of JEPX
  2. ② Electricity consumption (kWh) × Transaction fees
  3. ③ Wheeling charge
  4. ④ Electricity consumption × Feed-in Tariff
What is "Japan Electric Power Exchange"?
Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX) was established in 2004 in light of the liberalization of electricity. It is the only exchange in which power generation companies and retail companies can buy and sell electricity.
What is “wheeling charge"?
"Wheeling charge" is the cost of sending electricity from a power plant to a point of demand (customer's residence). It is paid by utility retailer to power transmission and distribution company (TEPCO, etc.).
What is "transmission loss"?
Transmission loss is the electricity loss in the course of power transmission and distribution.
What is “Feed-in Tariff”?
Feed-in Tariff refers to the cost required for the acquisition of renewable energy, such as solar, wind power. The price is set by the Ministry of Economics and Industry. This cost is incurred by clients who use electricity.
Will the electricity market price fluctuate?
Electricity market price fluctuates every 30 minutes due to various factors such as weather, temperature, season, power plant supply, and consumer demand. Price also vary in each area.
When do I know spot price of electricity?
Spot price will be determined by bidding one day before the date of supply.
What about fuel adjustment cost and Feed-in Tariff?
We do not charge fuel adjustment cost. Feed-in Tariff will be charged at the price determined by Japanese government.

About Payment

What are the payment methods?
Payment methods are direct debit and credit card. Visa, MasterCard are accepted.
When is the withdrawal date of the card company?
The withdrawal date will vary depend on the card company that you are using, so please contact your card company.
Can I get the meter read slip issued by utility company?
The meter read slip will not be issued. We will inform you the electricity usage and billing details by e-mail or post.

After Switching

What shall I do in case of blackout?
In case of blackout, please contact the customer support center of transmission and distribution company (TEPCO, etc.).
What happens if I move-out?
If the destination is in the subject area, you can continue to use this service. Cancellation fee will not be incurred for continuation. For application, please contact landlord, real estate companies, and utility companies for supply point identification number. Please apply one week before you move in.
How do I cancel this service?
In case of cancellation, please contact us directly. In case of switching, please apply to a new utility company.
If U-DENKI goes bankrupt, Will there be a blackout?
If U-DENKI goes bankrupt, there will be no blackout. As transmission and distribution companies (such as Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.) are obligated to supply electricity to customers, they will supply electricity in place of power company that has bankrupt. Thereafter, you can contract with other power companies.

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